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IET – World’s Largest AMS Track Rig Fleet

With the addition of several additional AMS-VTR Rigs in 2016, IET now maintains the largest AMS- track rig fleet in the world!P1030814

                     Why has IET invested so heavily in AMS – DPT equipment? 

  1. John Deer Power – AMS rigs use American Made power systems
  2. Larger hydraulic hammers – most over 250 lbs.  AMS uses domestic hydraulic hammer suppliers, making access to parts and supplies easy.
  3. Powder coated rather than painted – unlike other Direct-Push Rigs, all our AMS rigs are powder coated, years of service and they still look like new.
  4. We “Hit Twice as Hard – less frequently” – the frequency of the AMS hammers vibrate less, insuring better  sample collection and better annular space seal (important for in situ injection applications).
  5. Our hammers are adjustable – IET, with our AMS equipment can “dial-down” or “dial-up” our hydraulics, allowing for site specific probing.
  6. Powerful, multi speed auger motors.
  7. Air Hammer Capabilities – allowing for well installation into bedrock.


Innovative Environmental Technologies

About Innovative Environmental Technologies

Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET) is the oldest and most respected remedial contractor providing patented and licensed in-situ injection services in the United States. Formed in 1998, IET provides turn-key design and implementation services to environmental consulting companies. Since 1998, IET has designed and implemented over 1,000 in-situ remediation projects. IET is committed to providing the most appropriate and cost-effective technology based solutions for a wide variety of impacted soils and groundwater. IET's in-house and licensed technologies allow for the in-situ treatment of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydro carbons, pesticides and heavy metals.